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by | Aug 13, 2013 | Home and Garden

There are many things that happen outdoors but they only happen once. Weddings, graduation parties and golden anniversaries are just three of them. Of course, because these events are planned for outdoors there must be cover but who wants to own a commercial canopy only to use it a couple of times in their lifetime?

The answer to that question should be self evident; nobody. So, when ita��s time to plan and arrange for these affairs ita��s only natural to turn to a rental company to get exactly what you need. But even the rental companies have to get their tents and canopies from somewhere, and the smart ones turn to Canopy Mart, the home of portable shelter.

As the person throwing the party you want the best, you want your canopy to look the part; clean, well maintained and you want it up and out as quickly as possible. Reliable rental companies want the same thing, which is why the best turn to Canopy Mart for canopies of the highest quality.

A commercial canopy takes a beating, its transported from one venue to another, its subjected to whatever weather is thrown its way; sun, rain and wind. For the rental company to maximize on its investment in any of their assets they have learned that value is far more important than price when they purchase new equipment that is to be rented. High quality products cost more but they last longer and the cost per use is very much lower.

Large commercial tents are not just rentals. There are many businesses that attend small regional trade shows; these are companies that usually supply consumer goods. They will attend swap meets, car boot sales and other places where suppliers and customers can get together. The smart ones have their own canopy, many are complete with half side walls where they can sport their logo or name, plus defines their own area.

When potential buyers see a well organized display, all nicely laid out under cover there is a definite difference to the way they feel. The impression that the vendor leaves is a good one, he cares about his products and he cares about how he offers them.

Whether you are in the rental business or you attend weekend swap meets, you want the best commercial canopy you can get.

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