Landscaping Design: Think Outside the Box

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Home and Garden

Whether youa��re a homeowner who is looking to breathe new life into your outdated outdoor space or youa��re a commercial property owner who is looking to take “curb appeal” to a whole new level, landscaping design plays a crucial role in your finished product. Both large and small areas can benefit from carefully designed outdoor spaces, and therea��s no better way to enhance your new layout than with beautiful pottery pieces. Eye of the Day Garden Center carries a wide selection of pottery, planters and outdoor furniture that can quickly and easily add the focal points and/or details you have in mind.

Layered Looks
One of the most important elements of landscaping design is to create a healthy mix of “levels” throughout your space. This can be accomplished in a few different ways, but adding beautiful planters and fountains are two of the most elegant methods. These planters can be used to highlight especially colorful or ornate plants, and fountains make for beautiful centerpieces on patios or within garden beds. By adding these items of height, youa��ll create dimension within your landscape quickly and easily.

Ita��s in the Details
One of the great things about pottery and other terracotta/clay pieces is that theya��re not only functional, but their designs can add an interesting element to your space without being overwhelming. For example, the earth tones that are typical in most pottery pieces can instantly add a pop of red, green or white a�� but they wona��t stand out to the point where they look out of place. For anyone who wants to create a tranquil and relaxing space, these eye-catching, yet muted tones are perfect.

Enjoy Your Space!
If youa��re fortunate enough to own a home or business with an useable outdoor space a�� dona��t let it go to waste! By browsing for high quality landscaping and gardening products on sites like Eye of the Day Garden Center, youa��ll be amazed at how many beautiful pieces you can find to create the landscape of your dreams! From relaxing patio areas to beautiful gardens that are simply picture perfect, the possibilities are truly endless!


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