Popular Materials Used In Door Installation In Tinley Park

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Doors And Windows

For those having a custom home built or renovating an older home, a number of building materials are available for both exterior and interior use. Though siding and flooring are important elements to consider, the types of doors being installed in a home can greatly improve aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Doors made of solid wood offer beauty and classic style, and they are easily repaired if they acquire scratches; however, there are a number of drawbacks to wood Door Installation in Tinley Park. These doors are expensive and lack energy efficiency. They absorb moisture and are prone to warping, bowing, cracking and peeling. Wood doors require routine maintenance in order to sustain their natural beauty.

Less expensive and more energy efficient than their wood counterparts, steel doors provide an added element of security. They require much less maintenance than solid wood, but there are also disadvantages to steel doors. They dent easily and even a small scratch can lead to peeling, chipping and rusting.

Due to these drawbacks, many homeowners are turning to fiberglass Door Installation in Tinley Park. Fiberglass offers the characteristic elegance of wood doors as well as the energy efficiency and strength of steel doors. Available in both smooth and wood grain finishes, they can be either painted or stained. They resist denting and scratching and hold their beauty over time.

Hardware and other components can enhance the look and the efficiency of a door. Oil rubbed bronze, antique bronze, polished brass, flat pewter and glossy pewter are all popular finishes for hinges, locks and door knobs. The individual preference of the homeowner seeking Door Installation in Tinley Park is usually the primary deciding factor in the type of hardware used. Adequate weather stripping around entry doors will increase the energy efficiency and noise reduction provided by any type of material.

Garage Door Installation in Tinley Park is equally as important as entry and interior doors, because garage doors are key elements in the security of a home. These tend to be exposed to less wear and tear than other doors; therefore, steel is currently the material of choice for garage doors. Most steel garage doors last for a minimum of 15 years and are available in traditional and long raised panel designs. Glass inserts and panels can be added for an extra touch of class.

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