Mold Removal Alexandria VA Experts Can Effectively Remove Dangerous Fungus

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The purpose of mold removal is to rid homes and businesses of microscopic organisms that have a tendency to colonize in wet or damp areas. Some forms of mold and mildew can threaten the health of anyone that works or resides in a structure. Basically, it is a type of fungus that can rapidly grow if not treated. Airborne spores settle in damp areas and unfortunately are not always visible. The most common type of mold infestation is found in basements. Other areas may include kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. A mold removal Alexandria VA expert can provide you with professional remediation services.

Serious Health Risks
Mold has the potential to make people extremely sick especially those that might be more susceptible to asthma, sinus problems, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. Businesses that offer this kind of service are experienced in cleaning many types of dangerous substances. They have the necessary tools and equipment to perform an adequate cleanup to ensure hazardous organisms are fully eradicated. Mold growth can appear in a number of colors such as black, green, yellow and white. The most toxic is black fungus which can be responsible for a multitude of health issues.

Lung Cancer and Respiratory Problems
Inhaling mold spores can lead to pneumonia, emphysema and even cancer. The fungus is quickly absorbed into the body and can create problems with organs including the liver and kidney. When an individual first becomes exposed they will suffer with flulike symptoms such as nausea and weakness. A residential
mold removal Alexandria VA specialist is trained to locate hidden spores and effectively remove them to avoid further issues. It’s important that homeowners are diligent about mildew and moisture control.

Common Signs of Mold
One of the most common indicators of fungus growth is a pronounced musty odor. Older homes in particular should have annual inspections as they likely have older water pipes that are more susceptible to leakage. Windows and roofing should also be closely examined for moisture. Any visible fungus detected is a clear sign that the basement and attic need further inspection. It’s important to have a professional perform this type of analysis due to safety concerns.

Other Potential Areas of Growth
A fungus can also invade air ducts in homes and businesses. This means that every time an air conditioner or heater is used spores can be distributed into the atmosphere. An indication of this occurring would be a strong musty odor whenever air circulates throughout the building. Professional mold eradication services can inspect and take samples to be further analyzed. Whenever the presence of mold is discovered it is imperative a cleanup decision is made immediately. The cleaning process will likely require that the home or business is vacant at the time.
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