Why You Should Look Into A New Roof In Edmond If Your Roof Is More Than 10 Years Old

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Roofing

How much time have you put into thinking about your New Roof in Edmond? When you really think about it, the roof is one of the things many people take for granted. You just move into a place and at that time make sure the roof is in good shape, but don’t really put too much energy or expense in thoroughly checking the roof out. There is an inherent trust in the roof, unless some sign appears that makes you think otherwise. The convenience of a 10-20 year roof life is both a blessing and a potential problem as many don’t regularly check this part of the home until there is a reason to specifically and by that time it’s usually too late; the expense will be greater as the damage is likely to be more problematic and spread out into other systems of the home.

Potential Dangers Of Quiet Leaks

In other situations, we do check the roof out, but ten or twenty years pass without any issues- you don’t even give it a fleeting thought, that is, until the roof falls apart, leaks, or worse, leaks without any immediate signs that water is slowly flooding your attic and pouring down into the areas between the walls and eventually could lead to black mold. With that in mind, a leaky roof that tells you without a doubt that you need to quickly repair the roof, is a godsend compared to the silent problems caused by not so obvious cracks in the roof or breaks in the foundation holding the roof or shingles in place that allow water to penetrate into the interior of the home.

There comes a time where you have to give in and have a new roof installed or your old roof upgraded. A roof has a shelf life often of more than 20 years if properly installed, maintained, and use of the right materials and roof design for the area you live in.

Be Prepared For Weather’s Affects On The Roofing Materials

Obviously, if you live in an area that sees sub-zero temperatures, harsh hail or snowstorms, or even incredible heat as is the case in Oklahoma, for example, then you will need a roofing shingle/material that can withstand extreme heat and extreme cold (possibly in the same area) for years without breaking down and becoming brittle.

Let’s face it a lot of homes are built with haste and cheap materials, so the seller can make more money spending less, but the real culprit is often simply not replacing the roof when it’s had its day in the sun and is no longer capable of holding the weather back so you can live undisturbed and protected in any weather. Your home is your castle and should be taken care of as such. Getting a New Roof in Edmond is a big step, sure, but it’s a vital and very necessary one.

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