Tips on Repair Issues With Water Heaters in Murrieta

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

One of the most frustrating issues that many home-owners find they have to deal with can be having a water heater that stops producing hot water. Generally, this type of issue is noticed when the hot water is needed most, such as when household members are getting ready for work or school. Being without hot water at such a time is not pleasant. This will generally lead most home-owners to make a call to a professional who repairs water heaters in Murrieta.

Before beginning work on a water heater issue the repair person will generally want to determine if the issue is a faulty water heater or if the unit is just too small for the needs of the family. If the unit runs out of heated water, but it does produce some hot water, the problem is most likely due to the tank being too small. In this type of situation, the home-owner will need to consider upgrading the unit. Generally, the repair person will also be able to assist the home-owner in purchasing a new water heater as well.

If the unit has stopped producing hot water completely, the issue is most likely a fault component in the heating system. The technician will need to inspect the various elements that make up the heating system. Most water heaters in Murrieta are gas and so they will generally have a pilot, pilot control valve, thermocouples and a burner. These will all need to be inspected to determine if any of the elements are not functioning properly. If any are at fault, they will need to be replaced. On electric units, the technician will need to check the heating elements to make sure they are working, as they should be.

When there are no issues with the heating system on the water heater, the next thing a repair person will most likely want to drain the tank of water to see if there are any traces of sediment in the water. This can often be an indication that the unit may have a build-up of mineral deposits lining the tank. When this happens, it can hinder the transfer of heat from the unit to the water. This can be fixed by flushing the tank with water, which will help in moving the sediment from the tank. Often this will correct the problem and the home will have hot water once again. Visit Website for more information.

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