Choosing Granite Countertops in St. Paul MN

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

Granite is a natural stone material obtained from the earth and used for various purposes in and around the home. One application where granite is popular is in countertops in St. Paul, MN. Homeowners like the idea of granite since it is durable, beautiful, natural, environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t hurt that it adds value to your property. The following aspects of granite are what make it so popular among modern homeowners.
1) Ideal for Cooking Prep Work – Granite makes the ideal surface to do things like cut up vegetables and foods as in food prep. You don’t need a separate cutting board when you have a granite countertop. Since cutting boards tend to harbor germs and bacteria over time, they are not as safe as granite for food prep. It is also ideal for projects where you use dough as you can knead it a prep it without any special counter covering.

2) Heat Resistant Properties – It is not unusual for a cook to fail to put down a trivet or a heat pad to protect their counters when removing food from the stove or oven. Granite is heat resistant, so there is no need to worry about having a heat pad to protect it. It can take the heat with no worry of damaging its surface.

3) Cost-Effective Investment – One of the things that makes granite so desirable among homeowners is the fact that it is a cost-effective investment in their home and property. These countertops in St. Paul, MN are made to last for many years, so even at the high end of costs to buy it and have it installed, it is still a great value. If you are looking for value over a cheap price, granite is a good choice.

These are three examples of why granite is so popular in countertops for homeowners. Besides these factors, granite countertops also add to the resale value of your home, add beauty to the kitchen and bath, and is a very versatile option due to its colors, vein patterns, and flecks that make this material unique. Granite Unlimited Inc. offers granite countertops for your kitchen, bath, and any other area of your home where you need quality countertops.

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