Three Innovative Ways to Incorporate Dry Erase Paint into Your Home

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Wall Painting

Dry erase paint started out as a miracle for stressed-out parents caring for rambunctious kids. We all know the common use for dry erasable paint (and one of the best) is as a whole house paint or high-traffic area paint because of its obvious ability to repel solvents and stains. Beyond just the stain removal aspect, dry erase paint offers some novel and innovative features which can be incorporated throughout a home. Here are a few common ways to use erasable paint in your home now.

On Your Walls, Especially if You Have Kids

The best and most widely used application for dry erase wall coverings are as whole house paint or as paint for high-traffic areas like always, the kida��s room or the common use living room. The kitchen is also another common area for dry erase paint because of its ability to repel solvents, grease and other common stains. Throughout your house you can easily wipe away stains without scrubbing a hole in your wall! Contact your local interior design team or paint supply store for further information about application and caring for tips.

In The Kitchen or Central Home Location as a To-Do List

More and more people are finding innovative ways to use dry erase paint. One of them is in the kitchen or in a central location of your house as a chore list. Painting one wall of your kitchen (like your pantry door or above the sink) or one wall of the hallway can offer a great place to add a to-do list, chores for the family and a grocery list.

In Your Home Office as a Reusable Corkboard

Another unique way to use erasable paints and coverings is in your home-based office. You can paint an entire wall, the door or your entire office itself to help improve the free spreading of ideas. This is a novel way to track lists and is a great way to make a whole office calendar that can easily be updated and changed. You can even use erase paint as a projection screen that can easily be drawn on during a presentation. There are many uses for dry erase paint!

A dry erasable paint is a fantastic way to add unique design features to your home and a novel way to interact with your family. Whether you need to help fend off crayon swords and hyperactive kids, or you are looking for innovative and interesting ways to add a to-do list and keep track of office tasks, consider dry erase paint. It is a fantastic, cheap alternative to some more expensive dry erase wall covering options.

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