The Place To Go For Antique Finish in Manhattan NY

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Wall Painting

Whether you are renovating and restoring a brownstone on the Upper West Side, or you were able to snag that Midtown office space and want to bring in some late 19th century elegance to charm your clientele, one this is certain: modernity won’t do.

While it’s true sleek lines and sterile white walls can sometimes be intriguing design choices, they do not offer the warmth nor timelessness of Antique Finish in Manhattan NY that makes the area so desirable. The surest and most effective way to begin making your space more inviting is by refinishing the walls. If you decide that the look is right for your space, and want to consult with a specialist in Antique Finish in Manhattan NY the best place to start is with Decorfin. They are the leading provider of wall finishes in Manhattan and the surrounding Burroughs, specializing in Venetian plaster.

One of the many benefits of Venetian plaster is the customization. While the visual effect is reminiscent of marble, the patterns can be more consistent and the color and hue can be expertly adjusted to match your decor and taste. The plaster is completely VOC certified and imported directly from Italy. As it dries it crystallizes, providing a luminous finish that instantly refines any space with a soft, warm glow that will make everyone who enters want to stay. Further, the plaster is incredibly durable but should anything happen to it Decorfin is able to come to your location to ensure a completely seamless repair or touch up should it be necessary.

Another added benefit is the ease with which it can be adapted into your design space. It can be applied to most existing indoor walls surfaces and there is no sanding between coats, ensuring your location won’t get clogged with plaster dust. The layers dry quickly and with absolutely no odor, meaning you can have guests or clients over as soon as it is dry. They won’t even be able to tell that you just had work done in your home or office, saving you time and money while ensuring you don’t miss out on time with friends and family or important business. Give Decorfin a call for a consultation and see what a difference they can make in your Manhattan space.

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