What To Look For In Top Stone Refinishing Training

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Using natural construction and finishing materials is trendy and popular right now so the need for craftsmen and technicians that can complete everything from marble floor installations to terrazzo cleaning and polishing is on the rise. Taking a top quality stone refinishing training program is a great way to prepare yourself for an in-demand job in any part of the country.

Not all stone refinishing training programs are the same. Some provide only the basics while others are designed to teach you all you need to know about cleaning, polishing and restoring all types of natural stone flooring, countertops and other types of stone fixtures in private homes and commercial buildings.

Small Class Size for Stone Refinishing Training

This is not a theoretical training program and you should be prepared to actually operate equipment and get to learn the basics and advanced techniques that you will need to master. At MB Stone Care they limit their training to 8-10 students, which is ideal for any program as this gives you time to practice, talk to instructors and get individual attention at each step of the stone refinishing training program.

The Focus in a Stone Restoration Class and Stone Repair Course

The most important take-away learning from any stone restoration class and stone repair course is that you feel confident in knowing what to do and what not to do with any stone floor.

Classes should be designed to give you the knowledge of repairing and working with stone but also challenge you to apply that knowledge to real world applications. It is one thing to read about how to treat a deep scratch in a marble or granite floor and quite another to actually have to do the repair.

By taking a stone repair and restoration class through MB Stone Pro you will be trained with flooring companies and installers, with general contractors and, of course, on your own. It is also invaluable to add to your resume if you have been doing stone work but have never formally attended a training.

doing stone work but have never formally attended a of the top in the industry.

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