The Three Most Common Roof Repairs Oswego Residents Experience

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Roofing

If you own a home for a long time, you are bound to experience some issues with your roof at some point. Luckily, there are technicians for roof repairs in Oswego to help you with any of your roofing needs. The key to preventing roofing problems is to keep an eye out for common problems before they become a disaster. The following are three of the most common roofing repairs homeowners need.


Most pro will tell you this is the most common roofing issue they see. A leak may seem like nothing at first. If it’s not tended to, it could cause serious damage to the interior of your home or even cause your roof to collapse. Keep an eye out for these hot spots where roofing leaks are most common to occur.

  • Near Gutters
  • Around the Chimney
  • Underneath Damaged Shingles
  • Around Skylight Frames


Moisture gets under the shingles and into the padding of the roof, causing it to become spongy. If this gets too intense, a dip in the roof may form. It could also force that part of the roof to collapse if it’s in a part that isn’t properly supported. A sign this is happening is pooled water in spots on the roof after it rains.

Damage From the Elements

A roof’s biggest threat is the elements. It’s on the exterior of the home, so all wind, rain, and snow. Snow is particularly damaging because it can cause moisture damage and damage from the weight of the snow.

If you are interested in making your roof’s lifespan as long as possible, contact the pro roofing technicians at Showalter Roofing. Check out the website of Showalter Roofing Services for all the information you need to get started on your roofing repairs.

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