Septic Tank Cleaning in Clinton, NJ – What Happens in a Tank?

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Septic tank cleaning is not that easy like cleaning simple drains, and if you are living in Clinton, NJ you will find many companies providing expertise for this job. An ordinary household should know every detailer related to septic, and drain field, so that an in time solution can protect from damage. A septic tank is a place, where the complete waste of home accumulates. This waste comes from all the places as kitchen sinks, washing area water, bathtub and shower water also goes there. As a result, sludge is formed in the tank, which can overflow when pressure is heavy, so cleaning becomes necessary.

Some of the treatment of drain field water is done in the soil under it. When waste water goes into the solid, it absorbs many viruses, and keeps them there until they are ineffective. Likewise, some chemicals also stay in the soil, like nitrogen, and phosphorous. But, the soil should be checked before making a septic tank, as it should be able to absorb waste water. When the soil is unable to do this, it will cause germs, and bad odors. Moreover, inadequate soil will cause a blockage of kitchen, and toilet drainage. On the other hand, if soil absorbs wastewater, but unable to remove viruses, the sewage will pollute the water.

An experienced person always check various aspects before septic tank cleaning in Clinton, NJ, but the household should also do certain precautions, so that such issues dona��t appear. Everyone knows that grease, oil, coffee, or tea in a solid form can damage the drain, but some other things are bad as well. Like, if you are painting your house, you should not let the chemicals or paints flow into the drain. Same is true about pesticides, as they can destroy micro-organism present in the soil, which actually purifies the sewage.

Cleaners are not recommended, as they do not solve the issue, and pumping is required after certain intervals. These chemicals sometimes are so hard that they can damage the drain field, and can also pollute the groundwater as well as the wells. You can avoid constant cleaning if you take care of water used, as excess usage can cause an overflow. The more are numbers of persons living in a home; the more will be chances of septic tank issues. As most of the soils only absorb 200 to 250 gallons of water produced in sewage, but if this amount proceeds, soil cannot work properly.

Always check that water from certain areas do not flow over the drain field, as roof water, foundation water, gutter, and surface waters that stay in the driveways. In areas where soils are not adequate, then a conventional septic system will not work. In such cases an alternative system is developed including LPP system, as low pressure pipe, or ATU, known as aerobic treatment unit. But, only a well qualified person has knowledge about all these alternatives, and how to install them. In Clinton, NJ there are many qualified people who can guide you about this, as well as for septic tank cleaning.

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