A Brief Overview and History of Cabinets Cayuga County

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Remodeling

When it comes to one of the most important furniture pieces in the home, then cabinets rank at the top of any list. These diverse pieces of furniture are in almost every room from the lounge, the living room, the kitchen the bathroom and the bedrooms. The only difference is the kind of each cabinet and the purpose played. Cabinets Cayuga County, are used for a number of reasons and functions. Aside from being great storage places, they add elegance and a feeling of warmth in the room they are placed in. They also allow making use of available space to cater for a number of things.

In the early times cabinets were made by traditional cabinet makers, a practice that stopped with the industrial revolution. However, it later re-emerged as the well off class wanted the quality of handmade cabinets Cayuga County. The designs of cabinets are not the same world over and there exist different schools of cabinetry. The major schools on the making of cabinets are the following:

1. The mission school. This school places an emphasis on the use of oaks for building the cabinet. The characteristic design here is the use of straight and clean lines.

2. The French provincial school. This is one of the schools that place much emphasis on decoration of the cabinets. They use elaborated designs and heavy ornamentation. The designs are painted and surfaces covered by artwork to remove any plainness.

3. The Rustic school. As the names suggest, a cabinet created under this school is not polished. This is because this school aims at having the nearest possible resemblance of the material right now as it was in nature. For nature lovers and those who would love a tone down in hue of their homes this is a great choice. Aspects of the original tree are still present in the finished cabinet.

4. The Scandinavian school. This is the exact opposite of the French school. Its emphasis is in simplicity and like the mission school it uses straight and clear lines without any kind of ornamentation.

5. The oriental school. This refers to the Asian cabinet making style. It makes use of bamboo and rattan mostly. There are decorations which commonly are landscapes and Asian characters.

Having known the kinds of cabinets available, you can easily get what suits your style, room and function. The material used by different schools is no longer that strict and you can get any school by your preferred kind of wood. Whether you are setting up the house for the first time or renovating it, with cabinets Cayuga County you are in a great position to get your style out.

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