Planning To Hire An Arborist In Bartow

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Home and Garden

There is a big difference between an arborist and someone who cuts down trees to make extra money. An arborist is very knowledgeable about trees. People pay a lot of money for specimen trees to landscape their property. The arborist makes sure the trees stay healthy.

Eventually, most trees need pruning. Resist going out in the backyard and trying to do it yourself. The average person doesn’t know what type of pruning a tree needs. The Arborist Bartow knows that pruning should be done with a purpose:

removing branches to increase light penetration

removing branches to improve the tree’s shape

removing dead or weak limbs that are hazardous

shaping the tree so it’s more wind resistant

Arborists give advice on the best sites to plant certain trees. For example, they know which trees spread and shouldn’t be planted close to the house. If you want lots of shade, ask the professional to recommend the best trees.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to cut trees down. Frequently, people ask professionals what trees should be removed. Tree removal is recommended when:

the tree is dead or dying

the tree is hazardous

the tree is causing an obstruction that can’t be changed by pruning

the tree is crowding out other trees

the tree needs to be removed for new construction

Trees need fertilizer just like other plants. Arborists teach owners how to put their trees on a feeding schedule. They stay very busy helping people who own fruit trees. The trees must be treated to keep insects and other pests away.

Homeowners need to make sure the arborist is reputable. Arborists should be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. They should carry personal and property damage insurance. Many homeowners have had to pay out money for damages caused by uninsured individuals. They claim to be tree experts, but often just want to make a buck. Homeowners can also be held responsible for injuries. Always make sure the Arborist Bartow has workers compensation insurance.

Trees are a valuable investment. People who care about their property will protect their investment. Take care of your trees and they will last for years. They will be around to provide shade for your grandchildren.

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