Is Your Air Conditioner in Daytona Beach, FL Making Noise? Get it Checked!

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

All of your home’s air vents, ceiling diffusers, registers and returns make noise when the fan is running, and that noise is perfectly normal. AC systems vary in noise level; for instance, a home with a return vent in every room will be quieter than one with a single vent in the equipment. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons for noisy air vents.

Why Your Vents Make Noise

Most AC noise complaints are from people hearing a high pitched sound coming from the return vents, which can indicate a diminished air flow. As air pressure and velocity increase, so does the noise level, and by increasing the return air flow, pressure is reduced and your system does not have to work so hard.

A diminished return air flow can be caused by something as simple as a clogged AC filter, or by a closed supply vent or duct damper. In some cases, the fix could be as simple as moving a piece of furniture! Your Air Conditioner in Daytona Beach FL is designed to move air at a set rate, and blocking vents can lead to pressure and noise issues. An air conditioning repair technician may recommend adding another return vent somewhere in your home, or increasing the size of the air duct.

Other Vent Noise Issues

Vents make more than one kind of noise-;others can include flapping or rattling sounds, which normally indicate that there is debris somewhere in the duct. In that case, a thorough duct cleaning is in order. While you’re having your ductwork cleaned, ask your technician to inspect your supply registers as well.

After cleaning your ducts and inspecting the registers, your HVAC technician will inspect the rest of the system for performance issues. A licensed technician will check your equipment and ensure that enough air is flowing through your ducts; along with temperature and pressure measurements, they can check the CFM (cubic feet/minute) of the airflow, and take a static pressure measurement before deciding how to proceed. Your Air Conditioner Daytona Beach FL is an important part of your home-;don’t trust it to just anyone; call a quality contractor today!

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