Protect Your Home and Family From Invasion With Rodent Control in Gresham

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Pest Control

Pest control organizations such as Halt Pest Control spend a lot of time eliminating hazards from our homes like roaches, bed bugs and ants. However, one of the worst creatures that can invade human habitats are rodents. These little mammals cover a variety of types, but the most invasive are squirrels, mice and rats. Of these three, the squirrel is the least invasive and normally only enters a house if the need for food is great or a food source is easily available. The other two have been a source of trouble and disease as long as any one can remember.

One of the bigger problems with rodents invading your home is the damage they can do. Mice and rats like to chew. They destroy your home when making their entrance and they gnaw the walls of your home making nests for themselves. Even worse, they can chew their way into your cabinets and food pantries looking for something to feed themselves and their families which is one reason why Rodent control in Gresham can be so important. Rats and mice attacking your food can cost you a lot of money.

However, there is a larger issue with rodents invading your home. Rats and mice carry numerous diseases that are communicable to humans. Two of the most commonly known are the plague and rabies. As most people may recall from history, the plague destroyed large parts of medieval populations. Rabies on the other hand is a disease often passed between rodents and our pets, although humans can also be infected. Of course these are just the diseases most commonly known to the average person. Rats and mice can spread others as well. For example, their scratches and bites can cause rat-bite fever and their urine is responsible for the spread of a liver and kidney damaging disease known as leptospirosis.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the list. Eliminating these scampering little menaces from your home is the reason for companies that deal in Rodent control in Gresham. By setting baits and traps they can begin the process of elimination. However, this is only part of the process, some of the responsibility is yours. You will need to eliminate the access points that rodents can use to enter your home as well as ensure there aren’t places they can nest on your property outdoors.

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