The True Cost of Air Conditioning Installation

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In some parts of the country, air conditioning isn’t a luxury-;it’s a necessity, especially during the hottest parts of summer. Today’s AC units are powerful and quiet, and they’re far more energy efficient than models from just a few years ago. By buying a new unit, a homeowner can get a better value and lower their monthly utility bills. Below is an examination of the real cost of Central Air Conditioning installation in Spanish Fork UT

The Basics of Air Conditioning

The first step in new Air Conditioning installation in Spanish Fork UT is to determine which size is needed. It’s important to buy one big enough to cool the home, but not so big that it costs too much money to operate. AC units are measured by the ton, which is a reference to the amount of heat that can be dissipated in an hour. For instance, a one-ton unit can take away 12,000 BTUs. However, other factors should be considered when a homeowner decides to Schedule sales appointments!

Hiring a Contractor

The next step in the process is to hire an AC contractor. While it is possible for a homeowner to purchase and install an air conditioner on a DIY basis, the job requires a substantial level of skill and an EPA certification to handle the refrigerant. For a home that’s never had central AC, installation requires new wiring, new ductwork and the mounting of the unit.

The homeowner should have the task done correctly, and hiring an AC professional is the best way to ensure that the job is done right. For a two-ton unit, installation can cost up to $3000. Higher-line AC systems can cost more than $10,000 for purchase and installation.

Refrigerant and Tax Credits for New Air Conditioning Units

To partially offset the cost of unit purchase and Air Conditioning installation in Spanish Fork UT, homeowners can find tax breaks and rebates from state governments. Federal tax credits went away back in 2013, but buyers can check Energy Star’s website for the most current information. States offer rebates for energy-efficient systems, but these programs are limited-duration and buyers should ask about rebates before they pay for Central Air Conditioning installation.

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