How HVAC Professionals Improve Air Conditioning in Ogden, UT Homes

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

It is possible to live in a home for years without realizing that your air conditioning system is not as efficient as it should be, and is even contributing to health problems. However, HVAC professionals who specialize in air conditioning in Ogden, UT have the skills and experience to ensure that any system is running at peak performance. In addition, they can help improve your comfort and lower costs by providing services that include:

IMPROVED AIR QUALITY: Many people do not realize that the air conditioning system in a newly-built home needs to be serviced. That is because it has absorbed construction dust and debris and will circulate them throughout the home. HVAC experts can clean air ducts and check air quality, to ensure that it is safe. Older homes can have even more severe air quality issues, since pollutants may have been building up for years. Water damage may have caused mold growth. Pet dander, pollen, chemicals and dust mites could be spread around your home on a daily basis. HVAC technicians can quickly check for these irritants and provide solutions. These may include the use of UV lights, HEPA filters and air cleaners. Professionals may suggest servicing the air conditioner and cleaning the ducts.

QUALITY REPAIRS: An air conditioner that is not performing at peak efficiency often drives up utility bills but still does not keep you as comfortable as it should. HVAC experts can find and repair many problems that will solve the problem. They offer air conditioning repair on dozens of models, including newer, complex units.

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: The best way to extend the life of your air conditioner is to have it serviced regularly. Technicians can locate and fix minor issues, before they become major problems. They can also check Freon levels, clean components, replace filters and clean air ducts.

REPLACEMENT: When technicians find that your system is too damaged or inefficient to benefit from repair, they will recommend an appropriate replacement unit. Today’s air conditioners are energy efficient and can slash utility bills. They usually also entitle you to substantial rebates and energy tax credits, which maximize your savings.

Today’s HVAC professionals can quickly assess your home air quality as well as your air conditioner’s efficiency. They can provide solutions to improve both. Professionals can also provide and install energy-efficient replacement units that help save resources and money.

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