Avoid Replacing Expensive Carpet by Using a Carpet Cleaner in Honolulu

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Home Improvement

In most homes, the most expensive investment to be found in the entire home is its carpet. Carpet represents a substantial portion of all the money you’ve spent in items to accessories your home for your comfort. Many find that they spend more money on carpet than on furnishings. Unless your home is an older one, or you’ve replaced your carpet with tile or wood floors, carpet is the flooring in your home. Not since wall-to-wall carpeting made its first appearance have home builders routinely installed wood and tile floors. Today carpet is almost always installed directly over the sub-flooring. Removing it is not an option, only replacing it. And who, in this economy, has the money to replace all of their carpeting? Not many.

This is the primary reason why it is so important to have a Carpet Cleaner Honolulu come on a regular basis … annually, or, if you have many children and/or pets, or live off the road and away from pavement, semi-annually. By having your carpet professionally cleaned, you extend its life to a considerable degree. Regular vacuuming is important, but it can only do so much to remove dirt, stains and the soil that results from daily living. Carpet is a favorite home of dust mites and allergens, and also is famous for holding unsavory odors. With regular cleaning, the home stays free of allergens and is a healthier place for people to live, sleep and play.

When you walk over dirty carpet, the dirt gets ever further ground into the carpet’s fibers, which is a primary cause of considerable wear. Carpet that is cleaned on a regular basis looks new for much longer … sometimes for many years. Ask your carpet cleaner about sealing the cleaned carpet fibers with protective sealant such as Scotchguard. By sealing the carpet in this manner, dirt and dust are repelled and prevented from clinging to the fibers. In addition, spills will “float” on the surface of the Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, which permits their removal before they sink in and cause stains. Best of all … clean carpets make your whole house smell clean, and who doesn’t like walking in the door at night to a home that smells like home, sweet home?

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