Hire a Lawn Care Service in Palm Bay to Keep the Grass Lush and Healthy

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Home and Garden

For many men taking care of their lawn and shrubs is their passion, but as they age this becomes harder for them. It may be impossible for someone in their Seventies to be out in the hot sun for hours mowing the lawn and pruning shrubs. They can still enjoy having a beautiful lawn, by hiring a Lawn Care Service in Palm Bay to come out and do the big jobs for them. That will leave them the energy to do smaller jobs that are still manageable.

Many local lawn care companies are family-owned businesses. It may be a father and his sons who arrive to care for the lawn. When they first arrive, they’ll inspect the lawn and look for problem areas. Many homeowners keep their lawns too short. This creates brown spots in the summer and can lead eventually to bare areas. These lawn care experts can recommend fertilizers, grass seeds and proper watering. These treatments will quickly restore the lawn. When it’s cut to the proper height, it’s easier for the grass to retain water. That creates a lush green lawn.

The Lawn Care Service in Palm Bay employees will then turn their attention to the trees and shrubs. Large shrubs that overgrown their beds make a yard look deserted. Once they have been tamed, the yard will look much neater and fresher. Professionals know the best time of the season to prune a shrub. It’s also important to prune along the correct spot on the branch. Improper pruning can take away the shrub’s ability to bloom during the next season.

Large trees look beautiful and add character to every yard. However, branches that grow over the roof can pose a danger during a tropical storm or hurricane. As the leaves get heavier a strong gust can rip it from the tree and send it onto the roof. Regular pruning and tree trimming can prevent this. It’s just as important to maintain trees that are on a homeowner’s boundary. If one of those falls on a neighbor’s house or even the homeowner, that can lead to an expensive lawsuit.

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