Apr , 2013

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Fencing Can Help Your Garden Grow

Fencing can add personality and security to your home, but it can also help your garden grow! First and foremost, a fence can protect your prized garden from animals that would love nothing more than to make a banquet from all of your hard work. A fence can also keep out vandals. Of course, we want to believe that everyone is good and kind, but there are some people who would uproot your plants just for the sake of doing it. You should employ a San Antonio fencing company to protect your yard and garden.

Protecting Your Yard and Garden
A fence is the safe and humane way to keep the neighborhood animals from feasting on your garden. The kind of fence you choose will have a lot to do with the kinds of animals in your area. Common intruders include raccoons, rabbits, deer, groundhogs, and skunks, among others. If you are not sure of which animal or animals are causing damage, you can look at the kind of evidence they leave behind and make a guess based on footprints or other signs. If the damage happens mostly at night, you can invest in a cheap motion sensor light which will shine a spotlight onto the animal so you can see who has dropped by. If the creatures are on the smaller side, a two foot perimeter fence may be enough. You’ll want to make sure that they can’t go over or dig under. If you have larger animals like deer to deal with, you may want a taller enclosure, something they cannot jump over.

Giving Your Yard and Garden the Beauty Treatment
A fence can also help beautify your property, giving it cleaner lines and some organization. You can choose materials for your fence which match the overall aesthetic of your home. Iron, wood, and ranch styles are all great options.

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