Ensure Reliable Septic System Function Using Superior Septic Repair Services in Sanford

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance, Septic Tanks

There are two reliable ways to deal with household sewage. The first is a connection to the municipal sewage treatment plant. The other is a septic system. A municipal connection is typically available in towns and suburban areas where high-volume sewer lines have been installed. Unfortunately, most rural areas do not have this luxury and must rely on the collection capability of the septic tank. Septic systems function by collecting all of the waste in a holding area and then breaking down the solid material through anaerobic enzyme action. Unfortunately, a septic system can overflow when the tank fills up and damages vital components such as leach lines or inlet pipes. Quality Septic Repair Services in Sanford can help by cleaning the pipes and ensuring any blockages are correctly eliminated.

One of the most common septic repairs is cleaning the tank, and this is a task that should be done every few years. Of course, the type of tank will affect the frequency of cleaning. Older units that are made from one or two storage tanks can survive longer than the newer aerobic systems. This is because an aerobic septic tank that gets too full could allow solid waste to enter the aeration chamber. This affects the quality of the effluent (wastewater) that exits the system. Even worse, solid gunk can ruin the equipment that introduces oxygen into the effluent.

One of the main reasons to use a septic tank is to return water back to the local water table. This is done by slowly leaching the water into the surrounding soil. Once the liquid exits the tank, it is percolated through the soil, and this filters out a lot of harmful bacteria. A septic system that has overflowed into the leach lines can contaminate the soil because solid waste gets stuck inside the pipes. Septic Repair Services in Sanford can help by cleaning the dirty pipes or replacing any clogged or broken ones. The leach lines, for the systems that use them, are a series of perforated pipes that are spread around the property. This allows the effluent to slowly leak out without saturating one particular area. Aerobic systems tend to use other methods such as spraying the effluent over the top of the soil, but the final result is the same. Learn more about septic systems from the professionals at website.com.

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