Garage Floor Coating: Denver Concrete Company Breaks the Myths

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Adding a coating to your garage floor is a great way to make an investment in your home while enhancing the function and appearance of the space. While you probably understand the benefits of a garage floor coating, you might be putting it off because of some false information youa��ve heard. There are a lot of myths about applying a garage floor coating. Denver concrete company, CO Hard Surfaces, discusses the truth behind many coating myths.

Myth: Garage Floor Coatings are Expensive

In a sense, yes adding a coating to the concrete can be expensive upfront. However, the long-term cost to repair and maintain the concrete after a coating is applied allows the upgrade to pay for itself. After you have added a coating, the cement is protected from damage, promoting the lifecycle of the concrete. You will have lower repair and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the concrete.

Myth: I Can Apply the Coating Myself

You probably can apply the coating yourself but you will not get the same results when applied by a professional. For the final results to look good and for optimal performance, there is a special process that must be followed. You cannot just apply the coating. It is not the same thing as paint. There is a preparation process that involves much more than just cleaning the floor in order for the coating to bond to the concrete surface correctly.

Garage Floor Coating: Denver Professionals for Quality Results

You will make a wise investment to your home with a garage floor coating. Denver concrete company, CO Hard Surfaces, provides the professional results you need.

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