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by | Oct 17, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A commercial air conditioning system is a huge cooling unit designed to maintain air comfort in large buildings such as office complexes and industrial sites. Unlike a home air conditioning unit which cools less space and is typically energy efficient, commercial models can consume large amounts of electricity. Whenever obstructed with dirty filters and blockages, costs can skyrocket. Therefore, it is essential to have a qualified air conditioning repair McDonough GA specialist provide regular maintenance to avoid a major breakdown.

Potential Problems and Remedies

When an existing commercial air conditioner system doesn’t turn on or has very little or no cooling, there can be a number of reasons. The first thing to look for is blown fuses, loose connections and broken wires. Additionally, other components such as switches might be broken. Improper cooling often is a result of clogged condenser filters, loose or slipping belts, and leaking refrigerant. If you are unable to diagnose the exact cause of system failure, have a qualified air conditioning repair McDonough GA technician examine your unit. They have diagnostic tools which can quickly ascertain the problem.

Proper Maintenance Procedures

There are several steps owners can take to ensure maximum heating and air conditioning performance. Every month filters should be cleaned with a mild detergent, and replaced annually. Every six months or so tighten all screws and bolts and apply motor lubrication. Once per year it’s important to have the air ducts and evaporators cleared of debris. Finally, regularly clean the AC coils with a corrosion-free detergent. Diligent air conditioning maintenance is a great way to avoid large repair bills.

Benefits of Efficient Climate Control

A qualified heating and air conditioning firm can assure your existing unit operates efficiently or replace it with a newer energy-saving model. Today’s systems provide excellent all-year comfort and are a trouble-free and reliable solution for homes and businesses. Not only will the space be more comfortable and healthier with a new system, owners experience reduced environmental impact, energy savings and lower costs. An experienced installer will calculate and determine the best unit according to your structural requirements.

Location Considerations

In areas where summers and winters consist of extreme weather conditions, it’s even more essential to have a cooling and heating system that is of high quality and carefully maintained. Buyers have many choices regarding brands and models with varying degrees of performance capacity. Regardless of the type of unit chosen, make certain to purchase from a reputable installation and air conditioning repair McDonough GA dealer that offers clients quality service after the sale.

We provide expert commercial heating and air conditioning repair service in McDonough GA to improve your business’s energy efficiency. Please visit Meeks Heating & air for a free consultation and estimate today.

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