Are Your Air Conditioning Units In Fairfax The Correct Size For Your House?

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you have bought air conditioning units in Fairfax but have noticed that your energy bills are too high and the indoor temperature is not satisfactory, it is possible that your units are the incorrect size. Not only will there be a plethora of different style air conditioning units in Fairfax to choose from but also, the sizes will differ. Hiring a professional will be a good way to understand if your appliance is the appropriate size however, if you want to calculate the size of air conditioning units in Fairfax on your own, you should bear in mind the following tips.

Air Conditioning Units In Fairfax a�� Floor Measurements

First things first, you should measure the floor in the room or rooms that you want to fit your appliance in. It is important to remember that cool air will sink, so it is not as vital to focus on the height of a room. However, the width and length will definitely need to be taken into account because with these measurements, you can calculate how large your air conditioning units in Fairfax will need to be in order to heat and cool properly. To calculate this properly, you should take the width and the length and multiply the two figures together. This answer will be your square footage and with this information, you should multiply the figure by 337. The number 337 will be the amount of BTUs in a single square foot.

Air Conditioning Units In Fairfax a�� Lights, People & Windows

Much like the way in which you took measurements for the floor in your property, you should also measure your lights, the people who will be living in the home and the windows. The windows can be measured with the same calculation as the floor, which is square footage and BTUs. In this case, the square footage should be multiplied by 871 BTUs. For the lights, you need to think about the wattage and the number of lights. The light wattage should be multiplied by 4.25 BTUs.

Air Conditioning Units In Fairfax a�� The Calculation

Finally, multiple the number of people residing in the property with 400 BTUs and add all of the answers together. With your answers, you can finally figure out what air conditioning units in Fairfax you need. Be sure to add the amount of any appliances that will be in the same place as the AC system, because this will affect the AC systema��s performance. The better the insulation in your home, the more you can reduce these figures.

By learning what type of air conditioning units in Fairfax you need before summer, you can avoid disruptions. Start controlling indoor climate now by visit.

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