a�?But, I Just Gotta Goa�?

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Home and Garden

You are out and about away from your home a��maybe at the mall or perhaps a restaurant a�� it could be any public place; when you begin to feel discomfort that rapidly turns to the feeling that your bladder is about to burst. You have no choice; you must find relief and you must find it soon. After searching for signage and asking discreet questions you eventually find yourself at the doors of the public rest rooms. Fortunately, there is no queue outside the a�?Ladiesa�? and you hope that will mean that there is an unoccupied cubicle inside.

First Impression

About now, you notice that, although it appears basically clean when first entering, there is a a�?not quite righta�? smell about the place; but, in your desperation, you press ahead and make for the nearest free cubicle. Whew; you now see where the a�?stalea�? smell is coming from. The floor inside the cubicle is awash with water and all sorts of soggy paper and tissues are floating around or trampled into mush a�� as for the toilet seat a��a��.. better we dona��t mention that.

Bad Experience

With hand over nose and mouth, you beat a hasty retreat and try the only other unoccupied cubicle a�� hardly any better; but, by now you have no choice but to enter regardless of the consequences. You try to keep your shoes as dry as you grab handfuls of toilet tissue to both dry the toilet seat and give you something clean to sit on. Your bladder appreciates your actions but the rest of your senses are in revolt a�� to make a bad situation worse, when you have finished, adjusted your clothing (hoping it has not picked up too much floor water) and go to flush away the a�?evidencea�?; all that seat covering tissue that you dumped into the bowl has proved too much for the limited metered flush to sweep away and the bowl is clogged up. You beat a hasty retreat and hope that someone will come along later and clear up the mess.

Next Time

Well, there probably wona��t be a next time a�� not in that place anyway. Since you never know when you might need to a�?goa�?; your mind is made up a�� you will never again step inside that place with the disgusting toilets. You discuss this with your friends and one of them suggests you try a place they have recently found where each rest room cubicle is fitted out with an automatic toilet seat cover system. Literally, at the wave of your hand, a new, hygienic toilet seat cover is placed in position automatically and used ones are automatically withdrawn. No fuss, no mess; actually ita��s almost worth patronising the place for the automatic toilet seat cover system itself!


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