Why You Shouldn’t Try Garage Door Repair in Arlington Heights on Your Own

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Garage Door

Most of the time, your garage door provides safe and smooth operation to give you easy access to your vehicles and whatever else you have stored in your garage. Sometimes, however, issues occur with your garage door that leaves you in need of garage door repair in Arlington Heights, IL. Given the apparent simplicity of a garage door, you may think you can complete these repairs on your own. However, here are a few reasons why you should leave garage door repair to the professionals.


Though raising or lowering your garage door requires little to no effort on your part, your garage door is actually quite heavy. Most garage doors weigh over 100 pounds, with some weighing much more. If you attempt garage door repair in Arlington Heights, IL, on your own, then, you put yourself at risk of overuse or crushing injuries if something should go wrong. Therefore, it’s best to let someone with the right tools and a healthy appreciation for the dangers involved complete the repairs on your garage door.


Another danger involved with garage door repair is the tension in the springs that raise and lower your door. These springs are under extreme amounts of tension to provide the force with which to raise and lower the door quickly. If one of the springs should come loose while under load, the spring will snap back, potentially striking you as it does. This could result in serious lacerations or other traumatic injuries that can be avoided if you allow a pro to do the work.

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