Why Consider Epoxy Counter Tops

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Commercial Contractors

When choosing countertops for your laboratory, you have several options in terms of the materials used. Epoxy counter tops are becoming increasingly common and there are good reasons for that. Epoxy is a material that comes in a wide range of textures and colors while offering extreme durability which outlasts other options you may have. If you’re curious about what makes these countertops better than the rest, we’ve compiled some of the advantages of this material.

Simple to Clean

In a laboratory or similar environment, it’s important that you have countertops which are nonporous and nontoxic. Epoxy counter tops offer both of those features, which also means that they are ridiculously easy to clean. None of the chemicals or other liquids used during the workday will manage to seep into the countertop, causing the need for repair or replacement. With nothing more than a soft cloth, you can wipe up messes and move on to the rest of your tasks.

Extreme Durability

One of the biggest advantages of choosing epoxy for lab countertops is the extreme durability of the material. Not only are these countertops impact resistant, but they can also handle the heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a must if you are using laboratory processes that require large amounts of heat. The material is also resistant to UV rays, which is useful if there is natural light reaching the space where the countertops will be placed.

Superior Color Retention

Another advantage to choosing epoxy counter tops is that even if a small area loses color or gets a nick, these can be easily removed with a bit of sanding and buffing. This isn’t possible with many other countertop material options. There is also less color pigment used in these countertops to begin with, which leads to a quality that makes them seem semi-transparent. This can cover up irregularities and blemishes after wear and tear of the countertops.

Resistant to Moisture

Another thing that makes these countertops superior to the alternative is the high level of resistance they offer against moisture. As with heat, moisture is common in a laboratory and can cause serious problems. With epoxy, you get resistance to heat, moisture, and even caustic chemicals for a countertop that will last.

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