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by | May 3, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Many homes have basements, and some of those basements have problems with water infiltration. Constant water leakage into your basement could lead to structural problems with your home’s foundation. A cracked, bowing or crumbling foundation puts the entire structure at risk. We offer sump pump installation services in Cranbury NJ area to keep the water away from your foundation.

A sump pump sits in an excavated pit in your basement. We also have sump pumps that can sit on the floor if it is not possible to create a pit. The pump removes water once the float is engaged. It works day and night in order to keep water from settling in or around the foundation of your home. In periods of heavy rain and for a few days afterward, the pump may run as frequently as every one or two minutes. This means that it is working hard to remove water. During dry periods, it may only cycle once or twice per day. Rarely, the pit may even dry out. This is not a problem most of the time.

When we install a sump pump, we can also put in an entire perimeter drainage system. This involves removing part of the floor near the foundation. We place PVC pipes into a trench. These pipes collect water and funnel it into the pit where the sump pump is located. We can do all of this in just one work day.

Protect your investment with our sump pump installation services in Cranbury NJ. Our technicians work as efficiently as possible in order to install a sump pump that will keep your basement dry and protect your foundation from major problems. Give us at Basement Waterproofing Solutions a call today, or visit us online at https://www.basementwps.com/ for additional information about our sump pump installation services.

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