Mar , 2014

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Why Central Air Conditioning in Bethany Beach, DE is Better than Alternative Cooling Systems

It’s important to have both heating and air conditioning in Bethany Beach, DE, so it’s no wonder that many companies offer both types of equipment. When it comes to the air conditioning aspect, there are a few options. The most popular one is surely the dedicated central AC system. These systems do nothing but cool interior air, and they are very good at their speciality. As anyone who has gone into a restaurant and had to put on a sweater knows, central air can even make things downright cold if that is what the operator desires! Fortunately, they can also be set at more moderate temperatures to provide comfort in homes.

Another air conditioning solution that is popular in some areas is the heat pump. This type of system has more moderate capabilities, but it also has the advantage of burning no fuel. Instead, it transfers heat from the home to the outdoors, which results in a cooling effect. Therefore, bills from running a heat pump are usually lower than those resulting from using an AC system. Alas, the more moderate capabilities mean that you can be left sweating on the hottest days of summer, so there is a trade off involved.

Window air conditioners are often used by those who don’t want to invest in the up-front cost of a central air system. Alas, they have many drawbacks. The main one is that it takes several of them to effectively cool an entire house, so the resulting electricity bills can be shockingly high. Another one is that the lack of duct work means that they usually create a patchwork of cool and warm spots rather than a uniform effect. Even so, they’re good if you just need to cool a room or two instead of an entire dwelling.

In almost all cases, a central AC system is the best solution for air conditioning in Bethany Beach, DE. Therefore, companies like Arctic Heating and Air Conditioning place a heavy emphasis on installing, maintaining, and repairing these systems. Those who have tried other types of cooling are almost always glad to switch to central air, and it’s even better to start out with it.

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