When to Use Interior Glass Doors in your Home

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Doors And Windows

Interior glass doors are usually not used for rooms where you might require privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Generally, a glass interior door is better utilized as a cosmetic addition that can still add natural light to room. For instance, if your home is well light by natural light because you have large windows, you wouldna��t want to close off some of that light by adding a solid wooden door to a room. Natural light is one of the most attractive things about a home and a home that lets in plenty of it will appear more spacious and welcoming.

If a home absorbs enough natural light it can be a beautiful thing, almost getting back to nature. Aside from natural one can also benefit from the right kind of artificial light in their home. Large rooms can benefit from light that expresses the dA�cor of the rooms and sets off the accents and accessories in a way that make it look inviting.

Because doors serve other purposes as well as for privacy they can should always be functional as well as aesthetically attractive. There are some doors that are known as solid doors, but are in fact hollow. They are created using a frame of wood, measuring one inch by one inch and built to look like an a�?Ha��, with beams across the top and bottom. Then, two pieces of hardwood or hardboard are tacked and glued to the front and back, to make a door. An actual solid door is one which is made from one piece of wood and does not have a hollow inside. These types of door are usually effective as fire doors because their solid build takes a lot longer to burn, giving people inside the home plenty time to get out of a window or another exit point.

Practicality versus Aesthetics

Ok, so interior glass doors might not be as effective in a house fire and while house fires are very rare, they still happen. However, glass doors, while not being very helpful during a fire do look extremely pleasant and they do not prevent light getting into the home via the windows from one room to another.


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