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by | Jan 8, 2014 | Air Conditioning

Gas central heaters are the most common home heating source in North America and the United Kingdom. In Europe, the appliance is called a boiler, and in America, it’s called a furnace. No matter what you call it, it works by channeling heated water through pipes, which in turn heats air and water that is forced through ducts. Most manufacturers recommend annual boiler repair in Des Plaines, which we will discuss below.

Annual Boiler Service and Repair

Boiler maintenance should be only be done by a licensed and qualified heating repair technician. That person will:

* Check that the boiler and system are installed according to local regulations

* Ensure the boiler’s safe operation

* Check that the system is working according to manufacturer specifications

Heating repair technicians test and repair equipment according to defined criteria, regulations and standards. Work is done according to the service manual that came with the boiler, and homeowners should keep that manual for future reference. Boilers must be at least partly operational for maintenance to be performed.

Gas Boiler/Furnace Maintenance

Different boiler types have different service methods, but all repairmen should, at a minimum:

* Check the boiler’s condition

* Test it for leaks

* Test its gas pressure

* Check the pump and valves

* Ensure that the boiler is working correctly and not emitting carbon dioxide

* Ensure adequate ventilation and an unobstructed flue

How Long Boiler Service Takes, and How Much it Costs

A boiler repair in Des Plaines can take anywhere from a half hour to several hours, depending on the scope of the work and the condition and type of boiler. Costs vary by job, and depend largely on the extent of the upkeep required. It’s cheaper to get your boiler serviced during the summer months, as demand for heating repair isn’t as high.

When hiring a boiler repair service, you are paying not only for the work, but for the expertise of someone who undergoes continuing education. The company you choose should be insured and hold current professional licenses. Heating repair and maintenance is a competitive field, and many companies offer discounts in the hopes that they will retain your business for larger jobs. Contact Business Name for more information.

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