Apr , 2013

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When Should You Choose Hot Water Repair Over Replacement?

Water heaters require very little maintenance, have few replaceable parts and tend to run without issue for extended periods of time. Many never need to call a Water heater repair firm until a major issue develops, such as a leak that is dumping gallons of water into the home. At this point, the lining has been compromised and/or the steel has rusted, leaving the home owner no choice, but to replace the appliance. At times though, other problems develop which can be fixed if a Water heater repair firm is called in promptly.

Maintenance must be done of these devices. Many experts recommend that a technician be called in to check the water heater yearly. The technician should check the burner compartment for soot and he or she needs to make sure the vent is operating as designed. The relief values need to be examined during this inspection along with the wiring. The technician looks for gas leaks and ensures the air intake is not blocked. On newer models, the flame arrestor will be maintained also during this check up.

At times, the problem with your water heater may be a thermostat or element which has gone bad. In either situation, the water heater can easily be repaired. If the problem is with a valve on a gas water heater, you may not wish to replace this item unless the water heater is still under warranty. There are too many different ones available and you may not be able to find the correct valve. Newer hot water heaters come with Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance devices, also known as flame arrestors. These devices must be maintained and, in some situations, need to be repaired or replaced.

If any problems are detected during this inspection, the first thing to be determined is whether or not the water heater is still under warranty. Many manufacturers offer a five, seven or ten year warranty which saves the home owner money. If the device isn’t under warranty and the unit can be repaired, the home owner needs to consider the age of the device.

If the unit is an older one and water in the area is high in carbon, rust or acid, it is best to replace the water heater. In areas where the water is of good quality, a repair should be enough. Consider all to determine which choice is right for you.

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