Geothermal System Carlisle Can Save Homeowners Lots Of Money

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are looking for the most efficient heating and/or cooling for your home, you should take a look at the Geothermal System Carlisle. In a Geothermal system, heat from within the earth is used to generate electricity. In that the Geo word literally means “earth,” and thermal is a word that means “heat,” Geothermal is a perfect name for this kind of system.

A geothermal heat pump brings heat up from the ground or sends heat down into the ground where it can be used to produce electricity and save the homeowner money. People can save a lot of money by having a Geothermal System in Carlisle loop installed. There is two main types of systems that can be used and the homeowner needs to understand the benefits of each one before deciding which system to have put in.

If the homeowner has a large yard where trenches of three to six feet in depth can be dug, they will probably choose the closed loop system. This system uses antifreeze in constant motion within pipes placed underground. If they don’t have a big enough yard for that system, they will need to consider a vertical loop system

The vertical loop system uses less piping but will need trenches to be 150 to 450 deep so the pipes can be connected to and from a heat pump in a horizontal configuration. This Geothermal System Carlisle is more challenging to install, so the initial costs are higher. These costs will be recovered over time as the completed system is used.

If you have a pond on your property, a pond loop system is another choice that can be considered, providing the pond is deep enough.

Besides saving money, these systems are a great way to produce green energy which is good for the health of the planet.

As more people make use of Geothermal System Carlisle energy production, we will be able to reduce our dependency of foreign oil supplies. Without a doubt, Geothermal energy production will be the future of safe, clean and renewable energy. To help people to decide on using these systems, the government is providing the ” Geothermal Tax Credit” which gives them a 30% credit provided the systems were installed after December 31, 2007.

You can make the decision to have your own Geothermal System Carlisle installed today.

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