When A Building Has Moisture, Basement Waterproofing In Cambridge MA Should Be Performed

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Dampness and mold can find their way into basement and buildings. Locating the reason for this problem is the first step in solving the problem. Moisture problems can cause damage to a building if not correctly properly. Basements are the most common areas that moisture problems can develop. These problems can be caused by poor drainage, heavy rains, expanding soils, a frost heave, and structural instability. Basement Waterproofing in Cambridge MA can quickly identify the problem and begin the process to secure the foundation. Basements that have bowed or cracked will require more extensive work to ensure a building remains structurally sound.

The first thing a waterproofing company will do is perform a leak investigation. They will determine where the leaks start and the cause. French drains that are located at the footer of buildings can become clogged with dirt and stop working. This leak will usually appear where block meets the cement floor. If a pressure is below the concrete throughout the basement, small heave areas may begin to develop. The concrete will develop broken concrete areas from the pressure. Walls in a basement that are pressured from water or soil will begin to crack mortar joints between the blocks. In some cases, the wall will bow.

When mold or mildew is present in a basement, this a sure sign there is a water problem and a company that performs Basement Waterproofing in Cambridge MA needs to be contacted. A basement waterproofing service can install new French drains in a home or business to eliminate the water pressure on the footer and walls. They can secure a foundation wall and install new mortar between the block that has been damaged. Sealing the block and concrete from any further moisture problems is important for the safety and stability of a home.

Contact Fitzgerald Restoration when a basement or building is developing moisture problems. Their experience and knowledge will eliminate any signs of mold or mildew and eliminate foul smells from mold developing any further. The structural integrity of any building requires a dry environment for the occupants. Don’t hesitate to call in an experience restoration company.

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