The many benefits of using engineered quartz

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

In many ways, using engineered stone is taking the best of nature and combining it with the best that man has to offer. The result of this is known as engineered quartz, which differs from quartzite, which is another natural stone. Engineered quartz is available in Lagos and is made of quartz and flexible resins. The result is an incredibly durable product that is said to have the strength of granite. Even better than granite, though, engineered quartz is considered to be easier to install and to be more resistant to impact. Those who have used this substance for many years in places where there is daily use, and unforgiving punishment occasionally, are stunned by how well the product stands up to the test of time. Many claim that their engineered quartz in their Lagos homes looks as good many years later as it did when it was first installed.

The process of creating engineered quartz

The product is largely made of natural materials but resigns and pigments are applied to it. The production involves creating large slabs of a non-porous material. Manufacturers explain that the final product is very resistant to scratching and doesn’t need to be sealed. It is apparently even able to stand up to the use of acid on the surface. Another consideration is that quartz is an abundant material so the environment is not greatly harmed by its being quarried. Also, installing this engineered stone in your Lagos home should be very safe as it is known to be non-toxic and non-allergenic.

The usefulness of engineered quartz

Created in slabs, its fairly easy for the product to be manufactured to specification. As its a man-made product filled with various pigments, its also possible to obtain the product in a wide variety of colours and patterns. In fact, the sky is almost the limit as to the patterns and textures that can be created and the ranges are constantly expanding. The colour throughout this material is usually more consistent than with granite and marble, as it has been manufactured. For some this is an advantage, while others prefer the inconsistency of entirely natural stone.

The colours of engineered quartz tend to vary according to the needs of the public and are influenced by currents trends. For example, a few years back, dark counter tops in kitchens were very popular, but now lighter worktops are suddenly in vogue. This has expanded the market for engineered quartz quite dramatically as granites tend to be naturally found with darker hues. Contact us to know more.

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