Types of Retaining Walls – Cranberry Township

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Retaining walls are required to support a building against soil, or sometimes a building starts sliding to one side due to rain, then a retaining wall is built with it for protection. Though, seems easy but the job need a professional as there are several types of retaining walls in Cranberry Township and rest of the world. They are built keeping in mind the requirements and budget of the client.

Some of the types are described here:

* Wooden retaining walls

* Concrete retaining walls

* Stone retaining walls

* Brick retaining walls

* Cinder block retaining walls

* Mortar less stone retaining walls

* Concrete block retaining walls

Concrete Block type

As the name depicts such a wall is made with concrete blocks, and they are kept 4 feet high. They are also known as segmented walls, and they are built by interlocking blocks without using any kid of mortar. They are easy to make, because small blocks are used so you can easily develop a curved wall. In some areas, they can be built up to 20 ft high. Different techniques are used with concrete blocks, as, backfill trap, geo-grid web, and keyed battered.

Brick or stone and cinder block retaining wall

Mortar is required to build a brick retaining wall, however stone wall can be built with or without mortar. Similarly, cinder block wall also needs mortar. Stone wall looks very beautiful, however bricks dona��t look that good like stones. Stone and brick walls are expensive, but cinder block retaining wall can be cheap. No matter what you choose, a good practice is required in this regard, and where mortar is involved a sound drainage system is required, as well a strong footing. There are several experienced contractors in Cranberry Township who can make durable retaining walls.

Concrete retaining walls

Though, they are strong but not pleasing aesthetically. However, you can cover it with tiles or wood panels or even paint etc. In any case you need good and experienced labor in this regard.

Wood retaining walls

Though, wood is economical in many areas but its not strong enough like stones, bricks and concrete block or just concrete. For this purpose you can use redwood or pressure- treated fir, as they are stronger than other woods. Such walls look warmer than the rest of the materials. In Cranberry Township you can see several examples of such retaining walls in different buildings.

But, the type depends on your requirements and the area where you live, as each area has its own building codes that should be followed. As in most of the areas ita��s allowed till 4 feet, but it can be more in other areas. The building codes also vary in different countries hence you can find versatility in this regard. Before making any decision you should check with the local building authority and your contractor. Nobody would like the wall to collapse due to rain or other environmental pressures, hence an advice is required.

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