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by | Feb 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Experiments continue in the world of paints, a decade before certain temperature was required to paint a house exterior in the cold weather. But now the manufacturers have developed such paints with acrylic latex that you can paint the exterior even if the temperature is below 35 degrees. Same types of newly developed paints are available for exterior painting in Larchmont, NY.

New formulas

New formulas with Acrylic includes a pigment for producing color, and sun protection, a binder that is acrylic latexes which is a plastic polymer molecule used to provide flexibility. Then it has a solvent which is water, then soap is also added as it reduces the surface tension of the paint affecting the movement of paint on the brush. Coal scents are also added in small quantity, and they help the acrylic molecules to blend into each other to produce a durable and continuous layer, which is also flexible.

These new formulas are excellent for painting in a cold weather. However, some experts say that some products become fussy. So, this can also extend the work schedule. Some contractors are cautious about that and they prefer to paint when the year starts, finishing it at the end, or they try to finish it early. No matter how good the paint is, it would be good to paint in a normal weather instead of extreme one like too cold or too hot season. Most contractors in Larchmont, NY do exterior painting after looking at the weather.

But, practically this is not possible, especially in areas where most of the time the weather is not perfect, but you have to paint anyways. You should continue exterior painting until it remains 36 degrees F, but you cannot prolong it if the temperature becomes 15 degrees F. So, you should make your schedule accordingly. However, experts say that there isna��t much damage that happens in a too cold climate. Sometimes only a surfactant leaching happens on the paint, and it can be easily washed off without affecting the paint layer. This also resembles a dark paint, which can be repaired in spring easily.

You can get safe from many damages if you give a certain time for one coat to get dry, and when ita��s done you can do another coat, so the whole job needs patience. For this if you have to wait for other few days you should, but this can be further solved through other ways. If you apply many coats very quickly, bubbling and blistering will occur damaging the surface, hence it needs to be removed. Paint contractors in Larchmont, NY always consider such things while doing exterior painting.

The experts advice to work between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so that you can get enough time before the dew falls. Similarly, when its summer, never paint in the sun, and do it when there is a shadow in that area, but this is opposite when ita��s cold. By following all these steps you can successfully paint your house exterior in an extreme weather.

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