Troubleshooting appliance problems

by | May 2, 2013 | Home Appliances

Appliances will often give clues that there is something amiss and corrective action can save additional costs or perhaps even save the appliance. With proper care and basic maintenance, appliances will work as intended and perhaps calling for appliance repair in Aurora will not be necessary. Here are a few things that you can spot, if you keep your eyes open.

Washing machines:

Mold: When the lid of the washing machine is closed long enough, moisture that is trapped inside can sponsor the growth of mold. This is more prevalent with front load machines, especially the high efficiency ones. Although there are ways to reduce the risk of mold, frontload washers tend to be problematic, even with the best of care. Unfortunately, the mold is usually black mold which can be harmful to the family members, it requires constant proactive care.

Vibration: When the washing machine begins to violently shake and gyrate, this is an indication of load imbalance. It is usually a problem caused by the loading, but it can also indicate a problem with the floor of the laundry area. This is a problem that is easy to fix; stop the spin cycle, redistribute the load and try again. The worst that can happen is that you may have to remove a heavy terry towel to help balance the load.

High efficiency washers vibrate considerably more than their conventional counterparts due to their very high speed rotation. When a HE washer begins to violently shake this is an indication of a floor problem. This problem can be remedied by placing a sheet of plywood under the machine or purchasing a special anti-vibration mat which is made especially for the job. These mats are often available from a shop that specializes in Appliance Repair Aurora.

Bubbles: if you use the incorrect detergent in an HE washer, the soap bubbles may become excessive and attempt to escape from the washing machine. Turn the machine off and then proceed to the rinse and spin cycles, it may have to be repeated more than once if there are an undue amount of bubbles. Make sure in HE machines that a low suds detergent is used.


Refrigerators often need Appliance Repair Aurora; however two issues are not dramatic and should not require a call out of a service technician.

Seals: A refrigerator with a worn seal will often show signs of mold, usually on the inside of the rubber. A worn or loose seal allows cold air to escape from the interior of the refrigerator, causing it to overwork, continuing to cycle on and off to maintain the temperature.

Light: The light in the refrigerator will eventually fail. These lights are often unique to the refrigerator so when you go for a replacement, it is a good idea to take the old one with you. If the light is Ok, then the switch will be stuck in the closed or off position, a quick cleaning is usually all that is necessary to release it.


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