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by | Oct 8, 2013 | Home Appliances

Appliances reliably perform many useful functions throughout a home. From the small toaster oven that toasts bagels just right to the air purifier that helps a person with COPD breathe more easily. These pieces of equipment work so reliably that homeowners may be shocked and feel a little helpless when they break. In our throwaway society, a person’s first inclination may be to throw it out and get a new one. If’ it’s been several years since they purchased the item, they may be shocked at how expensive it is to replace it. They quickly turn to an Appliance Repair Lancaster Pennsylvania company as an alternative.

Before they select a repair company, they should check their warranty. It may have a number that they have to call to ensure that the repair shop is licensed to work on the item. Using an unlicensed repair shop could void the warranty. Of course, the homeowner might be pleasantly surprised to find out that they warranty will cover some or all of the repair costs. If it’s a small item, then they may have to drop it off at the shop for a few days. Repairman usually come out and repair larger items.

If the homeowner can’t find the warranty, they might be stumped at what to do next. They should ask their neighbors or friends if they know a place to get their appliances repaired. The local hardware store is also a good resource. Repairmen often buy supplies from them. Before hiring any Appliance Repair Lancaster Pennsylvania company on the recommendations of others, it’s always a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau. They can report if there have been many complaints about the business.

If the repairman has to enter the homeowner’s residence to fix the appliance, the homeowner needs to verify that they have both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. If they are fixing an appliance that connects to either the electrical or plumbing system, they could cause additional repairs if they do the work improperly. Liability insurance will pay the additional expenses. If they are injured and don’t have the proper insurance, the homeowner’s insurance will have to pay for it.
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