Services Typically Provided by Warehouse Construction Companies

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Contractor

Using the services of contractors specializing in warehouse construction in Jacksonville brings many benefits that warehouse owners might not realize. Contractors are qualified to perform a variety of tasks in addition to the simple building of the warehouse.

Pre-Construction Services

Prior to engaging in the actual warehouse construction in Jacksonville, contractors are able to provide a number of services that will make the construction go more smoothly. Contractors who are skilled at making up detailed plans can help the owners reduce the overall risk associated with the warehouse construction project.

These pre-construction services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Site and zoning investigations
  • Detailed budgets and estimates

Design and Build Delivery Systems

“Design and build” refers to the type of contract in which both the design of a warehouse construction project and the final building of the project is completed by the same company. This allows the final responsibility for the project’s cost and scheduling to rely upon on company instead of two. A simplification of the building and design project allows warehouse owners to reduce their potential risk that comes with dealing with multiple contractors for a single project.

Management Services

Some warehouse construction companies provide construction management contracts. In these contracts, the company will offer professional adviser services. Management contracts allow warehouse owners to relax while the construction contractor takes cares of the design, order changes and payments for the project. The use of management services is particularly useful for warehouse owners who have multiple projects being completed at the same time.

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