Some Facts about Landscape Lighting – Atlanta

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Electrical

Lighting is used in buildings not only for operational purpose; hence they have many other impacts on interior and landscape. There is a big variety in landscape lighting being used in Atlanta; however benefits are the same as given below:

* By providing it, we get safe while walking on the steps at night, including the driveways.

* It also enhances the property value by creating a beautiful atmosphere.

* It enhances the hidden corners, niches and pillars, as well as waterfalls and other features in the garden area.

* It creates a dramatic affect when we put it over trees and shrubs etc.

* If there is anything being used as a focal point in the garden, you can accent it through lighting.

* By having it on the deck or a patio, you can enjoy the night without any fear.

The reason behind using a low voltage: This is mostly 12-V that has a transformer and has many benefits as:

* The best benefit is that you can install it by yourself.

* The output is more, hence its energy efficient.

* There is a zero risk of a shock.

* It does not create any hindrance due to many wires like other fixtures.

* You can easily relocate it wherever you want.

How to plan it?

Whether you are in Atlanta or elsewhere the basic planning rules for landscape lighting are the same:

* You should hide the source behind the greenery, however when you use the fixture as a decoration, it should be visible.

* Never stuff any spot with many lights as only one small light would be enough.

* With water features you can be creative through various colors.

* At many spots you can use an automatic device to turn on the lights.

* Always take care of your neighbors, so that the lights wona��t create a glare on their walls.

Some common types

Down-lights are directed towards ground and also placed on the ground level around the trees, shrubs and plants etc. Whereas up- lights are those which are directed in the upward direction, like enhancing the tree top, sculptures or other features. Some lights are put in the shrubs at a top level to create a moonlight effect, and they create a mystery and shadows. Similarly, diffused lights are used for patios or decks. Spot lights are used to enhance a certain spot including a pot or a flower bed etc.

The lights which are used to enhance the texture are called grazing, and such spots can be rockery, a tree trunk, paved brick area or a beautiful door etc. A cross lighting is a term being used when light is provided from various angles towards the tree.

All these lights are used as a combination depending on the garden size, and the overall effect depends on how wisely you plan everything. Quality of the lights also matters a lot, including the design. In Atlanta you may find a variety of landscape lighting.

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