Features to Look for in Burglar Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Electrical

There is no doubt that the home needs some updates to the security system. When it comes to choosing one of the newer Burglar Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, it pays to spend some time identifying systems that have plenty of useful features. Here are a few examples of what the homeowner will want to look for when comparing different systems.

Simple Operation

While some people are comfortable with technology, others are somewhat intimidated by an array of buttons to push and codes to enter. The good news is there are plenty of Burglar Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO that can be programmed with ease. Even the process of activating or turning off the system when needed will be a cinch. For homeowners who have been putting off the purchase of a new alarm because they think it will involve too much of a learning curve, take heart. This is one out there that will do the job and be easy to operate.


The price of purchase and installation is sometimes cited as the reason for not investing in a home security system. Many people are surprised to find how affordable the systems happen to be. Even with a contract in place, the monthly cost of maintenance and operation is often much lower than expected. Keeping in mind that having a system in place could help lower the home insurance premium a little, and the reason for not installing a system becomes moot.

Remote Control

A burglar system today is likely to come with some sort of remote access. This is helpful for people who may rush out of the house in the morning and not remember if they activated the unit before leaving. Using a quick connection via the Internet, it is possible to remotely access the system, enter the data needed to activate it, and receive a confirmation that the unit is now engaged. That will eliminate the need to wonder and worry about the house all day.

For those who are ready to invest in a new alarm system, contact the team at Bates Electric Inc today. It will only take a little time to find the right system and have it up and running.

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