Seeking Professional Help to Salvage Water Damaged Carpets

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Floods, water seepage and sewage backflows can catch us unexpectedly, and these incidents can wreak havoc to our possessions. If your items are covered by insurance or warranties, then you are fortunate. Still, people with flooded homes will ask whether soaking wet carpets can still be salvaged and used. The answer to that depends on what kind of damage your furry carpets have suffered. Look for cleaners and specialists in wet carpet in Rancho Bernardo to see what you can still do.

Carpet damage from water and water-borne substances and microorganisms can be assessed by an experienced flood water specialist. Sources of water can give a clue towards the extent of damage. Clear, muddy and grey water will do less damage, as such is the case of lawn runoffs, sink bursts and basement seepage. However, if blackwater, which is laced with human and animal wastes, happen to wet your carpet, you will probably need to discard it properly and have it replaced.

What is the danger of wet carpet in Rancho Bernardo to your health? It as wise to seek out professional help in cleaning water-damaged items. That as because cleaning carpets yourself can undoubtedly expose you to potentially disease-causing bacteria and molds that can enter your body by inhaling or swallowing them. Harmful germs particularly like growing on damp and soaking wet places. The scenario is much precarious when dirty water has been standing for days and weeks, giving time for germs to multiply.

It as still possible to clean your wet carpet in Rancho Bernardo with utmost care and tons of effort. Delegating your carpet cleaning chore to a flood cleaning specialist will work wonders and spare you so much trouble. Due to the nature of carpets, air drying them will take a lot of your patience. Alternatively, you can lay your carpet under the sun to dry when the weather clears. But, until it is cleaned and dried, your carpet will be a hunk of a health risk within reach of your family.

Start cleaning by donning heavy-duty rubber gloves. Transfer it to an open working area such as a patio, pavement or garage. Remove the carpet as spongy pad underneath, which is cheaper to replace than the actual carpet. To adequately clean the carpet as fabric, you will need to secure cleaners and disinfectants to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria, together with the nasty odors they carry.

Conscientious individuals will want to clean their carpets before discarding them thinking of the exposure clueless people may encounter with the wet carpet in California. Still, others may choose to donate their carpets to people who can still find uses for it. Either way, carpets can be cleaned expertly by professionals, so you are sure all health risks are eliminated.

Professional cleaners have all the tools and chemicals needed to sanitize wet carpet in California. They also dry the fabric through steam cleaning or hot-water extraction. All of these can restore your carpet as natural splendour and feel.

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