Roof Maintenance Begins with the Inspection

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Roofing

How many times have you heard someone say a�?I cana��t fix it until I know whata��s broken?a�? Ita��s a common saying for people walking into an unknown situation, whether ita��s a handyman, mechanic, sports coach or schoolteacher. Ita��s also a correct statement in most instances, and it applies very well to roof maintenance. You need to understand whata��s going on with your roof pretty thoroughly before you even think about repairing or maintaining it. This is why roof maintenance begins with the inspection.

Roof Abuse
A roof takes more than its fair share of abuse on a regular basis, being pounded with rain, wind, hail, tree branches and debris every time a good-sized storm kicks up. This constant assault takes its toll on a roof, and the effect is often cumulative, rather than sudden. A roof might experience cracks, mold, mildew, broken shingles, loss of shinglesA� or more catastrophic damage over time or as the result of a single windstorm or hail event. The less severe of these problems might go unnoticed for quite a long time.

Roof Inspections
A roof inspection is your best chance to catch minor damage before it becomes major damage. A thorough inspection involves going over the roof inch by inch, looking for all of those little signs of damage, mold or mildew. A professional can spot small signs that an average homeowner might miss, and this can save a lot of time and money down the road. Contrary to popular belief, roof inspections are not an excuse to tell you that you need a new roof, they are an opportunity to save your existing roof.

Advantages of Roof Inspections
Once a minor problem is spotted through a roof inspection, roof repair or maintenance can begin in earnest. If the problem is caught early enough, the repair can be as simple as a patch, some sealant, or a replaced shingle or bit of flashing. If the problem is more serious and does require an extensive repair or total replacement, catching it in the inspection is a lot better than catching it by having your roof cave in. Another hidden advantage of having regular roof inspectionsa��often getting the regular inspection will get you preferred treatment as a regular customer, so if a hurricane takes part of your roof off, you just might find yourself getting your home fixed a little quicker than your neighbors do.

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