Grand Rapids’ Best Lawn Irrigation: One Step to Having the Best Lawn

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Landscaping

No matter how beautiful your home is, if the lawn in untended, brown or otherwise unhealthy, no one will notice your house. A beautiful yard is important because it improves the value of the whole property, but it also makes the outside of your home more comfortable. Caring for a lawn correctly can take time and patience, but the rewards make it worth all of the efforts.

To have a healthy lawn, you will first need to make certain you are growing more grass than weeds. Unfortunately, many people think this means they should dump herbicides everywhere to kill the weeds, but that is not a good solution. Instead concentrate on increasing the thickness of the grass itself with careful lawn seeding. Find out what lawn region you are in, and select a grass seed that will thrive in the conditions it will be exposed to in your climate.

Only fertilize the lawn when it is really necessary. Usually, once a year in the fall is sufficient. Aerate the lawn in late spring or mid-fall every other year. Aerating helps to create tunnels or pockets where air can circulate into the soil. It helps to counteract the soil compaction which walking on the lawn creates.

Grand Rapids’ Best Lawn Irrigation systems are the best way to apply the appropriate amount of water. Proper lawn watering is a lot more difficult to achieve than most people realize. It is easy to over-water or to add the water at the wrong time of the day.

With an irrigation system you can avoid all of that. Your system can be set to deliver the appropriate amount of water exactly when it is the most beneficial time of the day. This makes it possible to not miss a watering while you are at work or even when you go on vacation.

If your lawn matter to you, find out more about Grand Rapids’ Best Lawn Irrigation. When you do what you need to with feeding, aerating and watering, you can finally have a yard that will compliment your home. Since every season matters in lawn care, learn more today.

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