Reasons Using an AC Company in Lubbock to Perform Regular Maintenance

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to keep their air cooling system working for many years is to make sure it is regularly maintained by an AC Company in Lubbock. In doing this the unit will not only be properly cleaned, but it will also be inspected on a regular basis which can often help in preventing small issues from turning into large problems that can be quite costly to correct.

In most cases a technician from an AC Company in Lubbock should come out to work on the unit at least once a year before the summer season begins. This will give them a chance to clean the unit thoroughly and replace the air filter. They can then inspect the blower for any signs of damage or deterioration. It is very important that the wiring on the motor be inspected at this time to ensure it is in good working order and will operate safely. The fan and fan belt may need to be replaced and this should be checked as well.

The repair person from an AC Company in Lubbock will also need to inspect the condenser and compressor on the system. These units are generally housed together outside of the home on a concrete slab. Since these units are out in the elements, they can collect a great deal of debris such as trash, leaves, grass cuttings, branches and other matter. The repair person will need to clean this matter out of the unit before then can begin working on the actual system

Once the large debris has been removed, the technician from an AC Company in Lubbock will then want to clean the evaporator coils on the system. The coils look similar to a radiator and surround the condenser. They can become coated in dirt and this must be removed so that air can circulate through them. Sometimes a vacuum can clean the dirt from the coils. However, many times it may be necessary for the technician to use a special cleaner and a hose with a high pressure nozzle attachment.

After the coils are cleaned, the next step is generally to clean the fins on the system. These are made of a light aluminum material. Since they bend quite easily, a soft brush is generally the best choice for cleaning the dirt from them.

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