Prevent Costly Repairs with Regular Septic Pumping in Lewisville, TX

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Septic Tanks

Most people don’t give their septic system a second thought until they see sewage or black organic matter in their sinks or showers. That’s a sign that they have a serious problem with their septic system. Often regular maintenance that includes septic pumping in Lewisville TX could have prevented it. If a home is not connected to a city sewer system, then it must have a private septic system. This treats the waste generated by the family. A septic system consists of a holding take that uses bacteria to treat the waste and a leaching system that gradually lets it seep back into the groundwater.

All of the sinks, toilets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers in a home are connected to the septic tank through a series of pipes. When the waste and water generated by the household reaches the septic tank, bacteria treat it. Solid waste or sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank while liquid waste floats to the top. There is an outfall pipe that carries the liquid waste to the leaching field. Pipes with small holes allow the treated liquid waste to gradually enter the leaching field. The soil in the leaching field continues to purify the liquid waste.

The sludge in the bottom of the tank has no similar outlet. It just continues to accumulate until a Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX company removes it. The company can help a homeowner determine the best pumping schedule for their system. This depends upon the size of the septic tank and the amount of waste generated by the family. Sometimes homeowners try and save money by postponing having their septic tank pumped out. This can lead to very costly repairs. The sludge continues to rise until it reaches the outfall pipe. It then attempts to exit the outfall pipe and blocks it. This leads to the septic system backing up into the home. Once the sludge has entered the leaching system pipes, those pipes will have to be replaced.

The Texas Integrity Septic company is one of the companies in Lewisville that will respond quickly to this emergency. They will then help set up a maintenance schedule to prevent it from happening again. Homeowners can visit their website to learn more about their company and services.

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