New Roofing Helps Home Values in Montgomery County

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Roofing

Here in Montgomery County, the roofing on every single home takes a beating each year. With our cold winters and hot summers, from shingles to asphalt to standing seam metal roofing, all types of roofing materials are damaged and worn by the weather. If ita��s not the heat that has an effect, ita��s the wind and rain. Of course, unless you suddenly find yourself without a roof over your head, you probably dona��t think much about how your roof is wearing. But with home values so low over the past few years, more and more Montgomery County residents are looking to add value any way they can. And updating your roofing is one very good way to do just that.

Holding Your Home Together

The value of your home is in some ways at the mercy of the roof. If a leak develops and water is causing damage, the value of your home is going to drop considerably. Additionally, if buyers know that your roofing hasna��t been looked at or upgraded in a number of years, they may be concerned that the expense will fall to them. Naturally, buyers will be less likely to pay top dollar if they think they will be doing any repairs shortly after they buy the house.

For many Montgomery County homeowners, the choice between taking the risk of roof damage causing further structural damage and having a look at the roof now is a simple one. It may turn out that you dona��t need to completely re-roof your home, but even patching up a few missing shingles can show buyers that care has gone into the upkeep of the home. Signs of care here are there will help buyers to be more confident that the home is a good investment, because youa��ve been investing in it.

Re-Financing and Looking for a Better Home Value?

Of course, you may not be ready to sell just yet and the value of your home may still be growing. Maybe you are simply hoping to add length to the life of your roof. Or perhaps you actually want to re-finance your mortgage, and youa��d like a better appraisal. Re-roofing your Montgomery County home before your next appraisal will help raise the value of your home.
Rather than take the risk of further damage, consider at least having a roofing contractor come and look at your roof. After a storm or just before winter starts to set in are both great times to make sure that your roof is in tip top shape.

Montgomery County has been relying on the roofing experts at Orndorff and Spaid for over 50 years. Call us for more information.

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