Air Conditioning Repair in Simi Valley – To Repair or To Replace

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When your air conditioner does not work efficiently, you have to make a choice a�� replace or repair. Although you can continue using the unit after minor air conditioning repair by a technician in Simi Valley, in many cases, replacing the unit is a better idea. So, how do you know the difference? Read on below for some guidelines.

Factors which should be considered before taking the decision

Before you take your thought process any further, there is one important aspect to keep in mind a�� repair is almost always an option whereas replacement is a choice. You could keep getting the unit repaired and avoid the expense of replacement. Most of the complaints with air conditioning units can be remedied, although the cost of repair varies depending on the problem. On the other hand, replacement could save money in the long run due to low operational and maintenance expenses. The decision is mainly based on three major factors.

* Usage pattern

* Age of the unit

* Maintenance

The only major advantage of repair is that you save money for the moment. If the air conditioning unit is put through rigorous use such as in commercial places, replacement could be ideal. Since the units in these places need to run almost all the time, the pressure on them is higher. So, the chances of problems recurring or new problems breaking out are higher. Depending on the extent of damage, an air conditioning repair technician in Simi Valley can recommend if replacement could be more cost effective. The same applies to old systems as well. With age, the efficiency of the unit reduces and it takes up more power for working. Cooling might also be unsatisfactory. In addition, if the old unit does not have a thermostat, energy consumption increases and efficiency decreases. In such cases, replacement could be more cost effective. The advantages of replacement are given below.

* If you replace the old air conditioning unit with a new energy star rated unit, you can save money on energy bills

* New units function better and do not require frequent repairs like the old unit. So, that is more money saved

In some cases, replacement becomes mandatory. According to the guidelines put forth by Energy Star, here are the situations when replacement should be done.

* Age of the air conditioner is more than a decade

* Loss of efficiency of the unit and increase in energy bills

* Frequent repairs which cost most than 10 percent of machine cost each time

* The air conditioning unit does not have a programmable thermostat

* The indoor air is too humid despite the air conditioning

* Excessive noise which is not satisfactorily remedied after efficient repair

Before you make up your mind about replacement, have the unit inspected by an efficient technician and ensure that repair is not worth it. Although you will have to spend for replacement, you can begin saving money almost immediately.

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